Are you struggling with inefficient and costly soft cover insulation projects,
turnarounds or maintenance?

We are here to help.

Prevent vendor delays to facility commissioning and start-up caused by mismanagement of soft cover insulation scopes

Eliminate out of spec blanket insulation crafted with
outdated construction methods and low-quality materials
Extend service life and enhance ROI

Project Control Solutions

InsulMap’s project control services have been developed with one purpose – to ensure facility owners and EPC firms have soft cover insulation cost and schedule certainty necessary for success in today’s competitive energy sector.

Our team of industry leaders posses extensive soft cover project, maintenance and turn-around field experience. We have expertise in all facets of planning, specifying, designing, manufacturing and successfully delivering large scale removable insulation scopes of work.

From pre-construction to the post-contract commercial process, InsulMap’s proven project control techniques and in-house software tools develop and benchmark accurate pin-point estimates used to support final investment decisions, as well as manage and control soft cover projects.

Learn how InsulMap will cut your soft cover insulation related costs.

Soft Cover Management Software

InsulPlant’s intuitive design and powerful automations streamline the management and control of your soft cover activities. Our unique cloud software tools enable EPC firms and facility owners to proactively evaluate and monitor vendor specification compliance, while having real-time control and visibility into all soft cover activities. Optimize soft cover insulation management during projects, turn-around and throughout the entire soft cover lifecycle.

Monitor the performance of vendors against schedule, budget, re-work, fit ratio and compile historical trends. Milestones and alerts notify when potential schedule and cost overruns could occur. Promote team collaboration, reduce response times and increase “time-on-tools” by digitally managing critical soft cover insulation activities including scope progress, qc inspections, non-conforming product, pricing, as-built drawings, site documents and RFI’s.

Choose the smartest way to manage soft cover insulation

Effortless inspections and quality control ensure product conformance with visual inspection tools

Ensure contractor accountability at all stages with your InsulPlant virtual soft cover project

Keep projects, turn-arounds and maintenance activities on time and on budget

Promote cost effective procurement and simplify dispute resolution with access to all soft cover historical

Control costs and save money by eliminating unnecessary replacements and re-work

Effectively monitor material design specification compliance of vendors and quality control of physical soft covers with Spec Check®

Create a digital library of soft cover assets incorporating vendor “as-built” drawings, isometric drawings, 3D snaphots, field pictures, price levels and material specifications

Maximize your insulation system’s ROI with InsulPlant’s suite of software tools and Project Control solutions